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“Handling” Parents

New Trustees Seminar – 1986, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The BCSTA (BC School Trustee Association) REPORT 1986-01-10 was headed

New Trustees Seminar

Empathize, Don’t Antagonize

"……irate parent Mrs. Trueguard flounced onstage quivering with ostrich feathers and indignation about her son’s missing biology credit…..".  The story further described the "training" exercises the new trustees experienced while receiving "some cool-headed, diplomatic and effective problem-solving."

I chanced upon this article in 1986 as a young parent and was insulted then, and continue to be offended to this day.

But, this example does answer some of my questions.  How do well-intentioned new trustees so quickly become establishment types rather than champions of parents and students?  Why do some say, "We have to protect the system from parents."

How would you, if a parent, like to be caricatured in such a manner, the National Enquirer in hand? Mrs. Trueguard is not a very nice looking parent nor does she appear real.  I think this demonizes parents in the eyes of trustee trainees. Aren’t any trustees parents anymore?

It’s ridiculously inappropriate  and if I was  elected school trustee I would  carefully  monitor how new trustees are "trained".

Perhaps some current trustees might let us know, or are they sworn to secrecy about their "training" and "conversion"?