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My History in Home Education

 In 1970 when my daughters were 2 and 4, I enrolled in Ottawa Teachers College.  I did this basically for two reasons: a) to know what would be expected when they were to go to school, or b) to educate them myself if I felt the need to do so.  This second reason for teacher training was my belief that one had to have "qualifications" to teach one’s own children at home.

By doing some extensive research in the library I was able to check the Education Acts of most major countries and was surprised and delighted to find that there was usually a clause, called the “Otherwise” clause, which allowed for children to be educated at home by their parents, without qualifications or restrictions.

It was in 1971 that the whole Deschooling Issue blew up.  Everett Reimer and Ivan Illich collaboratively developed this concept, and Illich had founded an Institute called CIDOC (Center for Intercultural Documentation) in Mexico where scholars and others were exploring the whole “deinstitutionalization” concept, in medicine, in education, in housing…..

After completing certification I went with my daughters to CIDOC where I attended lectures and participated in discussions.  There I met John Holt of “How Children Fail” and “How Children Learn” fame.  

Many years later, in 1987 I wrote an article, Home Education: the third option which, being in an education administration journal, carried considerable weight in establishing the validity of the movement and put the system on notice that parents were rapidly evolving into confidence in home education. 

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