Professional Teachers or Union Activists



This is an important article on the topic of professional associations vs unions for teachers.  I copied it out a few months ago, but somehow it seems to have disappeared or been cleansed off the Internet.  I can't find it again.  Anyway, since it's an important topic I provide the link again.

UPDATE 091127:  The article I refer to is here

Title:  Professional Teachers or Political Union, with 16 interesting comments, 1 of mine.  I keep recommending it to friends, teachers, parents, trustees — because it shows there can be a choice to mandatory teacher union membership.  That is what we have in Canada in the public school system — only mandatory teacher unions.

In the US most teachers have the option to join a professional educator association, as well as obtain a rebate for that portion of their fees which is deemed to being used for political purposes.

This aricle, in my experience, has "disappeared" from the Internet from time to time as I've been recommending it over the last 2 months. I copied it out word for word and it is elsewhere on my blog.  If the above link does not work, see:     I do not have the 16 comments which are really worth reading.

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